Software, Gadgets & Tools I use

Ofthen I get asked about the Sotware, Gadgets & tools I use. So here's a list of them.


  • 14” MacBook M1 Pro, 16GB RAM (2021)

    I was using an Intel-based 27” iMac before this one and the performance difference is huge! I never noticed the fan running on this one at all.
  • iMac 27”, Retina 5K, 40GB RAM (2019)

    I used to use this iMac as my main workstation but it’s been relegated to a secondary role now that I have a MacBook Pro. Now I use it as a second monitor. The 5K display is still gorgeous.
  • Apple Magic Keyboard

    I love the slim & compact design of this beautiful keyboard. The keys have a great tactile response and are well spaced, making typing on this keyboard a breeze. The battery life for this keyboard is amazing!
  • Apple Magic Mouse

    I love this magic mouse. It’s slim & fits well into my hand. But for some odd reason, Apple’s Magic Mouse has a charging port at the bottom of the mouse and makes it impossible to use while charging.

Development tools

  • PHPStorm

    I have been using PHPStorm for the last 6 years! I have customized keyboard shortcuts, color schemes, and plugins to make it work for me. I can’t imagine my life without it.
  • iTerm2

    I use iTerm2 on a daily basis. Its versatility and customization options, including the integration of oh-my-zsh and a personalized theme, have significantly enhanced my productivity
  • TablePlus

    TablePlus has become an indispensable tool for me, as I use it on a regular basis to connect to my databases. It’s fast, reliable, and beautifully designed user interface. Additionally, I find it particularly helpful for writing SQL code before implementing it in my Laravel applications.


  • Figma

    I am not a designer but still I use it almost everyday. Our designers share their work with me on Figma and I use it to review and give feedback.


  • Slack

    Slack has been a vital tool for communication and collaboration within my team. It provides seamless integration with other tools, allowing for efficient workflow. With features such as channels, direct messaging, and file sharing, Slack streamlines communication and enhances productivity.